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Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Many people mow their yard. But few know how to cut it properly. Mowing is an unnatural task in the life cycle of grass and puts a lot of stress on your lawn. With that being said it is lawn-mowing-york-paimperative to minimize that stress as much as possible.

To Bag or Not to Bag

A lot of people bag their clipping but what few people realize is that the clippings are actually great for your yards health. They are an excellent natural fertilizer. As long as you are not cutting more than a third off your grass the clipping are best kept on the grass. Most people think this is where thatch comes from but it is not. Thatch is actually dead grass tissue and has nothing to do with clippings.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Maintaining a sharp edge on your blades is essential. If you do not have sharp blades you are basically tearing the grass instead of cutting it. This weakens the grasses health and leads to a yard that is more prone to disease and insects.

Mowing Height

Every type of grass has its own preferred mowing height of course but in general the same rules always apply. You never want to cut more than a third off grass at a time. The blade is the part of grass that receives sunlight and this is where it breaths. By cutting it to short you are essentially restricting its airflow and limiting its food. In order to cope with this scenario the grass will stop putting energy into its roots and direct it all to growing the blade. Therefor not only will your grass grow more quickly but the roots become very weak. If your grass gets out of hand it is always best to cut it in increments with a couple days in between until you reach the desired height.

In general it is best to keep your grass tall. This will block weed growth by limiting the sunlight that reaches the soil. The typical mowing height is three inches however for optimal health during the heat of summer it is best to raise the mowing height. This in turn provides shade for your grass and keeps it cooler which will keep it greener longer. In the spring and fall it is better to mow a little lower. This will enable the grass to dry quicker eliminating fungus and disease issues. In the fall and winter it will also limit the amount of critters seeking refuge in your yard trying to protect themselves from frigid temperatures.

Mow At The Right Time

It is best to avoid cutting when the grass is wet. This includes in the morning and evening when there is dew on the yard. By cutting when it is wet the grass can clump together and smother your lawn creating dead patches in the process. It is also best to avoid the hottest part of the day, which puts unnecessary stress on your grass.

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