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How To Properly Mulch Your Flowerbeds

mulching-york-paHow To Properly Mulch Your Flowerbeds

Spring is just around the corner.  It is time to dust off your tools and get mulching.  Mulch is a cheap and effective way to make your flower beds come alive.  It will improve the aesthetics of your home and provide your plants and shrubs with much needed nutrients they need to thrive all year.  It is important to get a good quality mulch.  If  the mulch is not treated you can potentially bring in insects, fungus, and weeds.  We recommend mulching first thing in spring in order to keep the weed seeds from coming in contact with the earth.  The first step in any quality mulching project is to pull all of your weeds.  Scraping the top layer of the mulch up as you go will help to insure proper decomposing.   Without weeding the weeds will just grow through the mulch in a week. Next take a flat shovel around the edges to dig a border in order to keep your lawn at bay.  A simple way to create a new bed is to lay out a garden hose as a guide so you know where to dig.  A 3-4 inch edge is preferred  so that it will stay all year without the need to re-edge.  We then like to apply a pre-emergent, such as preen all over the beds.  This will help to stop future weeds from growing by prohibiting any weed seeds that may have already been there from germinating. Finally apply the mulch.  The general rule of thumb is 3-4 inches.  However mulch can get hot and burn tender flowers so keep it shallow around these plants.  The same goes for trees that may be in your landscaping.  Around your trees you will want to create a bowl  with the trunk in the middle.  The mulch will be shallow and build it up around the drip line.  This will create a basin in which to hold water and irrigate your trees.  By following these simple guidelines your home will look good, your plants will thrive, and you will spend a lot less time in your flowerbeds this year!  If you can not find time this year simply give us a call.  We are now serving all of York, PA and would be glad to stop by and give you a free estimate!